Sunday, February 22, 2009

Just Stuff!

I don't know if this link will work but for all the masses that follow my Blog (All four of you, actually 3 as I follow my own blog.) this is one of the podcast interviews from NYCC, boy do I suck at these things. Hopefully I'll get better as I do more of them.

So my buddy Ven Yann and I went to the 1st East of the River Con where again I had a podcast interview, stumbled through it as best I could and will probably be cringing when I hear that one too. I sold a thing or two and had time to hang with my industry favorites like Matt Ryan, Sue and Everett Soares, Steve Kanaras, Liz, Steve Kuster, Carl Herring Jr., and Rick Silva.
Now I'm scheduled to appear at FalCon and The Maine Comics Arts Festival in May. This should be fun. I'll keep all three of you posted. Thanks for reading.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Back To Reality.

So it's the Thursday after and I'm finally finding time to write something up for NYCC 2009. Getting there was a pain as I tried to catch an early train on Thurs. night with my 2 partners Joey and ZMan and got caught in traffic missing that train by mere minutes. So the wait was on for the 10 o'clock train, we hit gate 12 and at about 10:30ish we were informed the train was moved to gate 8 and had already left. Now I'm pist off because we're lugging quite a bit of stuff. We ended up catching an 11:30 train, arrived a little before 2am got a quick bite and then off to bed. 

The first day went pretty smooth for me as I had my table set up by the immortal herself, Shawnti Therrien. Liz Ortiz sat in on the table and next to us was Portland Maine's own Joel Rivers and his wife, check out "Beyond Believe" by Joel in the preview book "The Collection." Friday was a good day in sales as my peers all picked up their copies of Hell's Blood and the t-shirts to match. I did a panel for the Comicbook Artists Guild "A Call For Members." followed by the CAG awards. I was nominated for six different awards and came out with 3 wins. Speechless, my god are these people crazy!!? I won Best Penciler, Hell's Blood won for Best Creative Team, and also Best Art. I was just in awe, what a day.

Sat. was another good one, started with a commission of a Skrull Spider Woman before I even set up my table a couple more followed through out the day. I made many connections and new friends, sales weren't as great but by this time I was just loving the positive feed back I was receiving for the art I put out. That night was the Indy Party, that was by far the best one yet and many old friends like Ven Yann, Shawnti, Keith Murphey, Matt Ryan and Willy Rison, Sue and Everet Soares, Mr. Kanaras, Mark Mazz, Joey, ZMan, and many others to throw in there plus new ones like Joel and his wife, sorry I can't remember her name but I'm looking to change that when I hit the Portland Con, Koran my brotha', and Niko who created Homunculus. What a night!

Sunday, I was slightly hung over and almost left really early but I'm glad I didn't. Probably my best sales day thanks to ZMan for picking up my slack!  Had a couple of interviews in Podcast Alley and finally time to catch the train again. This time we caught the train but after having Ven, Joey, and ZMan check for their tickets I ended up being the one who lost his. So i was ready to pay for my ticket on board when the conductor asked me about the con, that lead to Hell's Blood and a free book for him that lead to a free ride for me, go Hell's Blood! So that was my NYCC 2009 experience, I'll be there next year in Oct. Thanks for reading.


Saturday, January 24, 2009

Hector's here!

Hello everyone,
           I don't usually blog but this will be my spot for everything Hector and every thing Hell's Blood. If you don't know what Hell's Blood is, it's my comicbook to be released next month. Stay tuned.